Increased Power Voltage Electrocute a Driver while charging phone


   A driver, identified as Bala Rambo, father of 4 was about to charge his telephone handset and portable radio when the incident happened around 8:00p.m. in his room in Zone 4 area of Dutsen Alhaji, Abuja.

   The deceased plugged the phone and was about plugging the radio to an extension multiple sockets when the power voltage suddenly increased after a high tension pole fell in the area, as reliably gathered by city news.

   The source said the deceased, who knelt down while plugging the electrical appliances, died instantly and was later discovered by his roommate.

  The man alerted the landlady who subsequently reported the case to the police before he was moved to a police station in Kubwa.

 Two persons survived electrocution in two separate incidents in Kubwa, in a related case. One of the victims, a contract staff with the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) was said to be installing a transformer on a pole when the incident occurred.

   There was power outage when the victim climbed the pole with a ladder, but while he was working on the transformer, power was restored.

   On the other hand, the other victim, a staff of a supermarket in the same area, was changing the power fuse to generator source when he nearly got electrocuted following a spark from the power source.

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