How to Prevent and Reduce Power Theft


 Electricity theft is often an “invisible” crime. Someone illegally hooks into a power supply, hooks up a line that has been disconnected, or tampers with a meter to avoid recording electricity usage. Legitimate electricity consumers do not engage in these behaviors, so the impact of electricity theft — including the danger— is often unrecognized.

Safe Electricity reminds that everyone can help prevent and reduce power theft:
  • Notify your electric utility immediately if you know of an illegally connected consumer.
  • Do not cut the seal on your meter base or tamper with your own meter for any reason.
  • Apply for a legal connection if you do not have one.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activities to your electric utility.

   Working with technical partners around the globe, CWG Plc has developed a solution that makes it possible to detect electricity theft and alert the power companies with the precise location where the theft is happening in near real time, not more than 3 minutes after it occurs without requiring large computers and complex expensive algorithms. This system uses distributed microcomputers mounted on pole top units, continuously applying Kirchokoff’s laws of electricity flow to determine when the energy flows do not balance and using that to detect energy losses most likely due to theft. Once a theft is detected, the central server is alerted and the alert is passed on to line men or other dedicated technicians who can be mobilised to investigate


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