Power sector again loses 3,956Mw of gas

A daily summary of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) however showed that the electricity market on Monday sent out an average of 3,956Mw to the 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos).
The crisis rocking the Nigerian oil and gas sector has caused the power sector 3,956 Mega watts (Mw).
The serial cases of pipeline vandalism and the intense bombing raids on oil facilities in the Niger Delta region, have combined to deny power generating plants the needed feedstock to power and generate electricity for the nation.
The post on the NESI website indicated that the power sector lost N2,280, 000, 000 on the day under review. It noted that the electricity market also recorded 414Mw line constraint and 380 water management constraint.
The NESI Monday daily report said: “ On June 06 2016, average energy sent out was  2,423Mwh/hour (down by 113 Mwh/h). The reported gas constraint was 3,956Mw.
“The reported line constraint was 414Mw. The water management constraint was  380Mw. The power sector lost the estimated equivalent of N2,280, 000, 000 on June 06 2016 due to constraints.”
It was gathered that at 8.00am yesterday, power allocation to the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company and Kano Electricity Distribution Company was 120 Mw each. According to an insider source, at noon, the allocations to the two firms reduced to an average of 75MW.

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