SON to Curb Use of Substandard Electrical Appliances


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria has said it will ensure that Nigerians comply with the minimum standards for electrical equipment, especially refrigerators and air-conditioners.
Mr. Paul Angya, Acting Director-General, SON stated this in Lagos, at the conclusion of a two-day technical committee meeting on standards and labels for air-conditioners
He said the move would ensure that Nigerians remained energy-efficient and were not exposed to the dangers associated with substandard electrical appliances.
Angya said Nigeria could not afford to lag behind in a critical area as 84 countries were already implementing energy-efficient standards in terms of the kinds of air-conditioners and refrigerators they would allow.
He commended the technical committee for the doggedness in the recommendation of minimum standards for the electrical appliances, adding that once approved by the SON council, the agency would begin to ensure compliance with the standards as a way of safeguarding lives and conserving the environment.
The acting DG said, “I believe that these recommendations, once approved, will not be difficult to implement because the SON has been part of the committee. Already, equipment for the testing of lamps and refrigerators has been installed in the SON. Equipment for the testing of air-conditioners will soon be installed.”
The Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency at the Nigerian Energy Support Programme, Dr. Charles Diarra, said the NESP was willing to give its backing to any resolution reached to promote efficiency in energy use in the country as well as the safety of electrical appliances.
The Head, Electrical and Engineering Department, SON, Mr. Richard Adewunmi, who presented the technical committee perspective, said it had become necessary for Nigeria to maximise the little energy it generates by avoiding wastage.
He said the committee had set a threshold for Nigeria that would enable the country to conserve its energy, and also save the people the problem of substandard refrigeration equipment.



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