Your Rights As An Electricity Consumer In Nigeria


There are constant complaints from customers about unjust treatment from the Distribution Companies (DISCOs).
Therefore in accordance with the functions and duties, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), which is the regulatory body has observed that majority of the customers are not utilizing their rights as a result of being unaware of them.

These are your rights as provided by NERC, that  you must know as an electricity consumer:

1. As a customer you have the right to an easily understandable electricity bill, if you cannot understand the bill you are given, you have the right to go to the your DISCO’s office and ask for a proper explanation.
2. A customer who is disconnected for non-payment, the meter reading should be taken at the time of disconnection and the bill should show the total value of all charges owed by the customer up to the time of disconnection.
3. If you are leaving an apartment, the officials should take a final reading of your meter, to avoid a new tenant paying for your own electricity usage.
4. As a customer, you should expect to get a bill from your service provider monthly, therefore they cannot send you more than one bill on a monthly basis.
5. Being a customer, you can reach an agreement with the service provider to pay your outstanding bills within stipulated period before disconnection.

6. As a customer, if you are billed below your monthly usage, the service provider should not make you pay more than excepted in the next billing.
7. In case of over charge, the distribution company is advised to write to the customer within five working days on the error by crediting the amount of the over charge to customer’s next bill. 



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