Electricity Generation Drops To 4,157.8MW


The 4,358.2 megawatts (MW) of electricity that was generated on Sunday, dropped further yesterday decreased to 4,157.80MW, which resulted in 200.4MW lose.

The Nigerian Electricity System Operator (SO) of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, (TCN), made this on its website. It explained that lowest energy generation recorded was 3,186MW, while peak generation was 4,358.2MW.

The highest system frequency recorded on the day under review was 51.53Hz while the lowest frequency was 48.88Hz. Peak generation ever attained remains 5,074MW.

However, the generation companies, GENCOs have been battling with the challenge of inadequate gas supply, which have been attributed most often to the activities of militants in the Niger Delta region.

recall that the power sector is under threat as generation company (GENCOs’) operators had warned they will shut  down over huge debts of about N140 billion and shut-in of about 5,000 megawatts (Mw) of electricity, following lack of gas supply.
The GENCOs, had argued that there has been stranded power caused by inaccessibility to gas as a result of renewed attacks by militants is 4991Mw.

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