Electricity Generation Rises To 4,028MW

The Nigerian Electricity System Operator (SO) of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), the 3,959 megawatts (MW) of electricity that was generated on Monday, yesterday rose to 4,028 megawatts, resulting in 69 megawatts increase in power distributed by the generation companies, GENCOs.

It stated this on its website. It explained that the lowest energy generation recorded was 3,440MW, while peak generation was 3,959MW.

The highest frequency recorded on the day under review was 51.50Hz while the lowest frequency was 48.50Hz. Peak generation ever attained remains 5,074MW.

However, the issue of inadequate gas supply to the generation companies, caused by the activities of militants has continued to affect the improved generation of electricity in Nigeria.

Nigeria is estimated to have the ninth largest gas reserves (at 180,105 billion standard cubic feet), but this has not been leveraged to meet the country’s electricity needs.

There is low production for the local market, which poses serious constraints and is insufficient to run gas-powered power plants amid sabotage of the pipeline network to supply the product.

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