Experts Advocate For Investment In Small Hydro Power Generation in Nigeria

Experts in power generation are soliciting or support and investments in projects for renewable energy to beef up the electricity generation needs of Nigerians.
This is coming on the heels of a budget of $2.6bn set aside by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for the development of Small Hydro Power Plants in Nigeria.
The Small Hydro Power Generation for which over 300 sites have been identified across Nigeria with only about 20 sites ready for development, is said to be capable of producing up to 3500 megawatts of electricity for Nigeria, if adequately explored and funded.
Key targets include the upgrade of capacity for local fabrication of small solar power turbines and control systems, establishment of private-public partnerships and facilitating conducive investment environment for sustainable small hydro power generation in Nigeria.
Nigeria is said to effectively generate an estimated 4000 megawatts of electricity despite a total installed generating capacity of up to 10000 megawatts.


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