Nigeria’s Electricity Generation Drops to 3,531mw


Nigeria’s Electricity Grid, yesterday dipped further in its generation to about 3,531.7 megawatts (mw). This will translate to a drop in supply distributed to the 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) across Nigeria.

Statistics obtained from the Nigeria System Operator (NSO), a section of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), shows that about 78242.67mw hour (mwh) was sent out on Saturday for supply across the DISCOs.
While the electricity generation peaked at 3,808.5mw, there was a significant drop the same day to 2,931.9mw.
Meanwhile, the Generation Companies (GENCOs) had earlier attributed the recent drops in the generation to inadequate gas-to-power for the mostly gas-based power plants.
The report further says that the highest system frequency recorded on the day under review was 51.62 Hz, while the lowest frequency was 48.87 Hz.
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