Nigeria’s Electricity Generation Drops To 3,568MW


The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, says that electricity supply in Nigeria yesterday drops to 3,568 megawatts, MW, as against the peak generation of 4,000 MW recorded on Saturday.

As stated by TCN, the 3,568MW of electricity generated by the generation companies were distributed to the 11 distribution companies accordingly. 

It further explained that the power sector hit a peak generation of 4,000MW, while lowest generation was 2,853MW. 

Gas constraint indications and the activities of pipeline vandals have continued to hinder improved electricity supply. 

Despite government’s efforts to increase electricity supply in Nigeria, the generation has continued to hover around 3,500MW and 4,000mw. Though the nation’s installed capacity stands at 11, 165.40mw, the network operational capability remained 5,500MW. 

The nation has been having series of problems providing uninterrupted electricity supply due to several issues that have to do with vandalism and the poor state of the electricity infrastructure. 

Recall that TCN had the last time informed the general public that its 330kV Double Circuit transmission line between Okpai power station and Onitsha substation would be switched off, resulting in the reduction of available grid generation by 300 megawatts.

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