Nine Electricity Firms To Install 215,133 Prepaid Meters In October

About nine Electricity Distribution Companies may install prepaid meters for 215,133 customers by the end of October.
The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), earlier this year, directed the 11 electricity distribution firms to provide a monthly update on their metering plan and implementation to enable it to monitor the speed at which customers were metered while addressing the many complaints on estimated billings.
Data on a metering plan of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) shows that while it targeted providing 111,500 meters by the year’s end, 15,000 customers would have meters this month. The figure would bring its meter deployment to 81,500.
The other eight companies publicised their monthly targets at the 9th power sector meeting held in Sokoto, this week. The Eko DisCo said it targeted 150,000 meters by December, adding that it would issue 19,151 units in October.
For the Ikeja Disco, 60,100 customers were expected to have meters and the Kano DisCo would issue 7,000 meters by the end of the month.
The Yola DisCo, covering Borno, Yola and Adamawa states, expected to meter 5,000 customers while the Jos DisCo, covering Jos, Benue, Bauchi and Gombe states, would meter 11,000 customers in October, a communiqué issued after the meeting said.
It said that the Benin DisCo would meter 38,585 customers, this month, and hoped to issue 36,000 meters in December.
The Port Harcourt DisCo would be metering 9,297 customers by October ending as part of its 2016 target of 150,000 units.
Meanwhile, the Kaduna DisCo launched 50,000 meters to be distributed to its customers in Sokoto.

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