10 Easy Ways Of Plugging Into Electricity Safely And Correctly

  • Overloading a plug can cause a fire. A multi-plug adaptor will allow you to use as many appliances as needed without the risk of overheating.
  • Pulling a plug out by the cord can expose bare wires. Pull it out by gripping the plug itself and make sure the power is switched off.
  • Broken plugs or loose wires are dangerous.
  • Putting electrical wires directly into a socket can cause accidents.
  • It is dangerous to plug electrical appliances into light sockets. They should only be plugged into wall sockets.
  • Replace or have repaired damaged electrical appliances (i.e. damaged/frayed cords; cracked housing; broken plugs).
  • Turn off power points before plugging/unplugging appliances.
  • Turn off all appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, etc when leaving your home.
  • Maintain exhaust fans in a clean condition, free of lint.
  • Ensure appliances have adequate breathing space to prevent overheating.
Source- Arrivealive

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