Abuja Electricity Firm Launch LPU Metering Project, Targets 50% Increase in Revenue


L-R: Acting Managing Director, Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), Dr. Vincent Akpotaire, Director, FCT Achieves and History Bureau, Mrs. Cerie Jogai and Managing Director/CEO, Abuja Electricity Distribution (AEDC), Engr. Ernest Mupwaya, during the commissioning of Large Power Users Metering Project of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), in Abuja, at the weekend.
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The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) said its target is to increase its revenue by 50 percent from December when it would have completed its metering of about 3880 Maximum Demand (MD) or Large Power User (LPU) customers under its operational area.
The company gave the hint when Dr. Vincent Akpotaire, the Acting Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), launched its LPU metering project at the Abuja Archives and History Bureau.
The Managing Director of AEDC, Ernest Mupwaya who was speaking to newsmen after the launch of the LPU meter said the project which will take the company $1.8 million to implement, will see to its accurate billing and revenue collection from the LPU customers.

Mupwaya explained that the 3880 LPU customers contribute up to 50 percent of the company’s monthly revenue.
In his words, “This is a critical segment of improving performance for us because this 3880 number of high power users or MD customers are contributing roughly 50 percent of our revenue.

He added, “It means that by December 50 percent of the problem would have been resolved and the benefits that will be derived from this will then be ploughed back to the rest of the customers which we are supposed to meter and are a large number that will take time.”
Mupwaya explained that the Maximum Demand (MD) meters will be installed at places like military and police barracks, and government buildings where energy theft are usually high for Discos in the Nigeria and revenue collections very difficult.
He also noted that they will come with in-built intelligence components to notify the company of any potential attempts of by-pass or breaches by consumers.
Mupwaya said, “What you are seeing is just a component of a metering system. There is an intelligence gathering mechanism which allows that from our office we are able to read every customer that have this meter. We are able to see whatever is happening. We are cutting out the human interface that comes with the traditional meters which do not get accurate readings. We are however assured of high-level accuracy.”
Mupwaya who also addressed the issue of market’s financial shortages, said, “The sector has to transform, in other words, we have to reduce losses and become more efficient, that is how we can collect more money and to do this takes longer time unlike the telecom sector where there is virtually no room for credit theft but there is room for that in the power sector.”
He added, “Overtime when the losses come down, we will have more liquidity in the sector. The bills for the energy we get every month are increasing monthly because, for example, the gas supply to power stations is indexed in dollars and movements in the exchange rates means there is a pass-through cost.”

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