Firm Offers To Light Up 5,000 Homes, Business With Solar Promo

Cloud Energy is offering Nigerians the perfect Christmas gift as it begins the lighting up of 5,000 homes and businesses with solar harvest promo.
The company said its warehouses are filled with solar products and marketers, explaining that resellers, engineers and installers are being trained and retrained.
The company added that partnerships for micro financing have been perfected with logistics streamlined to ensure that at least 5,000 homes and businesses, nationwide, begin to enjoy 24/7 electricity during the Christmas period.
According to the company, the promo will run from October 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. The Solar Harvest Promo is designed to make solar products available and affordable to complement the genuine efforts of the government to address the shortfall in power supply, by the Discos using off grid solar installation.
The Managing Director/CEO of Cloud Energy Photoelectric Limited, Theophilus Nweke, speaking at the in-house training session recently in Lagos for resellers and installers said that the difficult times faced by the Nigerian economy demand that indigenous alternative energy solutions companies must find innovative ways to provide the constant electricity required to increase productivity in Nigeria.
He said availability of power must be the core approach in the task to pull the country out of recession. To this end, he said the solar harvest promo, provides the quality and discounted solar technology products that enable uninterrupted work and play.
In his words: “Nigerians must complement the efforts of government by changing their attitude to the use of available power,” noting that Nigerians have a culture of waste when it comes to energy consumption.
Nweke explained that the solar harvest promo aims at making consumers energy-self-sufficient. Every consumer must have an energy bank because energy saving is the key to unlock the energy frustrations of Nigeria. There are solar bundles and inverter bundles that save electricity automatically.
He urged Nigerians and governments at all levels to take advantage of the solar harvest promo to make the Christmas and New Year memorable events.
Nweke disclosed that the promo is the beginning of a series of themes and schemes to provide Nigerians with full electricity, install a solar system in every office and home in Nigeria.
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