Kaduna Electric Sacks 24 Staff For Fraudulent Activities


The Management of Kaduna Electric has sacked twenty-four of its staff for fraud related cases.
According to the Head of Human Resources, Hajia Khadija Kabir, the staff were laid off following reports of an Investigation Committee that found them culpable of fraudulent offences, and confirmed by a Disciplinary Committee.
She said, “The staff were relieved of their duties after they were found guilty for various offences which range from stealing company funds, meter theft, illegal meter installation and signature forgery.”
Hajia Khadija noted that the process to establishing their guilt was a thorough one pointing out that there are checks in the system that notified the Supervisors who directly work with those indicted.
She said, “The offenders were first issued a query for them to explain themselves and those whose explanation were genuine enough were allowed to go, while those whose explanations were not convincing were forwarded to the Investigative Committee.”
Kabir further disclosed that the process is an ongoing one to checkmate the incidence of fraud and other negative behaviours, adding that there are still cases currently under investigation for different offences.
She therefore called on all staff to desist from all forms of fraudulent activities and to see themselves as stakeholders who are expected to maintain a high level of integrity, which according to her will be beneficial to all on the long run.
“The decision and process leading to the laying off of the culprits is clearly in line with the company’s policy and best practices which gave each accused the right to fair hearing irrespective of tribe, ethnicity or religion,” she explained. 

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