Cummins Plans Additional 450MW To Grid, CNG Stations

The Chairman of Cummins Cogeneration and CEO of Powergas Africa, Mr Deepak Khilnani, said the company would add 450 MW of electricity to the National Grid in Nigeria, over 10 percent of the nation’s current electricity generation.
The additional power coming in the next three years is to support government’s efforts in dealing with epileptic power supply.
Khilnani said that with more regular piped gas outages, Powergas Africa has fast-tracked the construction of some new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations to meet demand in the West, East and Middle Belt of Nigeria.
He said: “We want to take gas to the North. Moreover, Powergas is developing a portfolio approach whereby if gas outage occurs in one region, we will still be able to deliver gas to our customers by operating multiple CNG mother stations.”
Powergas is building 2 new compression and liquefaction stations by 2018, with enough CNG and LNG to generate 500 MW of electricity at power plants across Nigeria where the pipeline does not reach. In other words, the ‘virtual pipeline’ offering provides natural gas to clients who are not connected to the pipeline.

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