Former Minister Develops Cost-cutting Innovation For Power Generation

Prof. Chinedu Nebo

Former Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, has announced an innovation for a permanent solution to Nigeria’s power solution.
Nebo said with the innovation, the cost of power generation is cut by 80 percent. Meaning that the innovative embedded power generation system, which is provided through power seed web machine, will need only 20 per cent of fossil fuel to generate electricity.
While presenting the innovation to Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, in Abuja, Onu said industrial and manufacturing concerns can now have their power expenditures reduced by 80 per cent, thereby having more money to invest for greater output and more employment generation.
He said the innovation would revolutionalise the power sector by reducing power generation and maintenance cost.
According to him, the solution is provided 100 per cent by Nigerian engineers.
Nebo said, “With this innovation, we will provide power for less than what NEPA is providing. This is 100 per cent provided by Nigerian engineers. And for those who think Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, this is to say Nigerian engineers are fantastically generous. ”
He added that the innovation is about 15 years ahead of power delivery system worldwide today. He noted that it currently is not in use in any part of the world, and is strictly a Nigerian creation.
He explained that the power seed web machine is tested and is currently produced for 250-kilowatt power generation but can be graduated up to one mega watt.
Nebo noted that with good investments from interested parties, it could be available for small-scale businesses.
He urged government to provide enabling environment for the innovations to thrive.
In response, the elated minister stated that the innovation would go a long way to address much of Nigeria’s power challenge.
Onu said, “This ministry will support this this effort because it’s in the best in the best interest of the country. We should protect and use it here.”
He urged Nebo to obtain the patent right on the project through the NOTAP, an agency of the ministry, which he said would fund the commercialisation of the innovation.

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