How To Get A Refund If You Are About Buying A Transformer In Your Area

Consequent upon the numerous reports of the purchase of electrical transformers by individuals, communities, Government agencies and State Governments across Nigeria, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Council, NERC has issued a statement clarifying how such interventions should happen and who to take responsibility for such undertakings.

According to NERC, it is important to note the following:

1. It is NOT the responsibility of electricity consumers communities, State Governments or their agencies to pay for or buy transformers.

2. The duty to provide and repair transformers rests SOLELY with the Distribution Companies, DisCos, who are licensees.

3. The financing needed for providing and repairing transformers has been factored into the existing tariff.

With this out of the way, the reality is such that consumers, communities, State Governments or other agencies, due to one reason or the other, may see the need to fund the purchase of transformers in their area.

In such a situation, this is the laid down procedure:

1. The Customer or the interested party must agree with the DisCo on the folowing:

  • the specification of the transformer
  • the cost of the transformer
  • the installation and energizing of the transformer
  • the mode of REFUND of all the cost borne by the customer, community, Government or agency.
2. The parties (DisCo and the buying/paying party) shall sign an agreement covering the 4 items listed above and a copy of the signed agreement is to be sent to NERC for consideration and approval.

If this process is duly followed, consumers would be protected.
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