Kaduna Electric Begins Installation of 52,000 Smart Meters

Kaduna Electric has announced the commencement of the first phase of the installation of Smart Meters for their customers. This is contained in a statement issued on the company’s Twitter account.

The exercise is already underway in Kaduna for customers on Dawaki Feeder under the Doka Area Office. Customers in Sokoto and Kebbi States are also part of the first phase.

The statement partly reads: “In keeping with our commitment to meter our esteemed customers, Kaduna Eectric has began (sic) the first phase of installations of new prepaid smart meters in its franchise states. The installations which are currently going on simultaneously in Kaduna, Sokoto and Kebbi States are being carried out one feeder at a time in the aforementioned states.

In Kaduna, we have started metering customers on the Dawaki Feeder under our Doka Area Office while in Sokoto and Kebbi States, we started metering customers on Kaduna Road and Gwadangwaji Feeders respectively. The metering exercise in Zamfara State is expected to commence before the year end.”

According to the statement, the new smart meters ensure more accurate readings and have inbuilt mechanisms that check attempts at bypass. The smart meters also make it easy for the customer to ensure better energy management as they can easily interface with the new smart meters from the comfort of their rooms.

According to the statement, old meters would be replaced as most of them have been bypassed and their accuracy no longer reliable.

The statement also has a step by step process on how to activate the new meter:

1.      When you go to buy energy at the vending station, you will be given a receipt containing 2 key change numbers. Each key change contains 20 digits

2.      You will then be given your credit token which shows the amount of energy purchased.

3.      Key in the 2 key change numbers to convert the meter factory mode to user mode.

4.      When this is successfully done, the ‘GOOD’ sign will appear on your meter

5.      You can then key in your credit token.

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