Lagos Sets The Pace For Nigeria: Electricity From Garbage

The approach of the Lagos State Government to environmental waste management has taken a monumental, innovative turn.

The government recently revealed its plan to turn a perennial dumping site into a power station using environmental waste as the key raw material.

Olusosun, a popular landfill that has been turned into a dumping ground for years, will be the pilot of the government’s model for the innovative urban renewal and waste to wealth initiatives.

The Commissioner for Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare, while announcing the inauguration of the ‘Cleaner Lagos Initiative’, said the government was committed to finding renewable energy sources for the grossly underserved parts of the state.
He reveaeled the government’s plan to build 5 new power stations, one in each division of the state, to generate electricity from waste. This development, he said, would bring an end to the numerous dumpsites defacing the state and threatening the health of the residents.

This further widens the spectrum on the country’s foray into renewable energy sources. It will be recalled that solar power has been receiving a lot of attention from stakeholders and investors in the power sector

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