Nigeria’s Egbin Plant To Double Capacity To 2670MW By 2020

One of Nigeria’s most strategic power plants, Egbin Power, would double its capacity from the current installed capacity of 1320MW to 2670MW by 2020.

This is contained in the company’s sustainability report released on the 7th of December. According to the document dubbed ‘Building a sustainable future’, this would represent a doubling of the gas powered plant’s installed capacity of 1320 which comprises of six 220MW units.

The CEO of Egbin Power, Dallas M. Peavey, writes in the 146 page report: “In our continuous efforts to be the provider of choice where energy is consumed, the organisation is investing in a Combined Cycle Power Generating asset which is expected to be completed by 2020.” 

This development would hugely impact the situation of power supply in the country especially against the backdrop of a year in which the National Grid experienced multiple system shutdowns

According to Egbin’s Chairman, Kola Adesina, the company’s technical partner, Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) will be mobilising the necessary financial, technical and regulatory processes to double its total power generation capacity over the next five years.

However, the question of guaranteed gas supply was not addressed in the report. This is an issue that has rendered a good number of gas plants in the country redundant.

The details of the funding plan were also not published.

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