Nigeria’s Electricity Industry Loses 4,368mw To Vandalism

The Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) yesterday suffered a severe setback losing 4,368 mega watts (Mw) as a result of vandalism of gas pipelines.
It was learnt that the attack at 06:00 yesterday led to the closure of Geregu I and II, Alaoji NIPP and Odukpani.
It was also gathered that there was another vandalism on the Escravos Lagos Pipeline Service (ELPS) line and Trans National Pipeline (TNP) that increased gas constraints and  impacted generation negatively.
Besides, it was gathered that the attacks reduced power supply by 275Mw. Also on the day under review, the Service Operator of the Transmission Company of Nigeria ( TCN) sent out 3,001Mw to the 11 distribution companies (DisCos).
The electricity market however recorded 0Mw line constraint, 0Mw water management constraint, and 0Mw water management constraint.
Were there no losses, the sector would have evacuated 7,369Mw to the DisCos.
Following the losses, the NESI lost about N2.09 billion.
“On November 29 2016, average power sent out was 3001MWh/hour (down by 275MWh/h). The reported gas constraint was 4368Mw. The reported line constraint was 0Mw. The reported high frequency constraint is 0Mw. The water management constraint was  0Mw. The power sector lost an estimated N2,096,000, 000 on November 29 2016 due to constraints.
“Geregu I and II, Alaoji NIPP and Odukpani were shut down as at 600am this morning due to gas constraints. Low spinning reserve may indicate lower grid stability. Further vandalism on the ELPS line and Trans National Pipeline (TNP) has increased gas constraints and impacted generation negatively. Review of MDA debt submissions underway by the Office of the Vice President,” a source said.
Meanwhile, in its bid to tackle the insufficient funds in the power sector after a court jugement stalled efforts at increasing its tariff, the Ministry is now brainstorming on other ways of raising revenue for the sector.
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