’10 Years Of Darkness’ Finally Over As Town Gets Electricity

According to the residents, they had been without power supply for about a decade.

Magboro community including Ibafo and Asese had complained for years over the power situation in their area and they protested earlier in 2016 to bring the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC’s attention to their plight.

While they say that the area had not been experiencing a total black out as alleged, the distribution company acknowledged that the area had been getting power supply only intermittently from Abeoukuta.

IBEDC however stated that the development was a result of the poor quality of work done by contractors engaged by the Federal Government to execute the National Independent Power Project, NIPP, in the area.

This is according to John Ayodele, the Deputy Managing Director, IBDEC, who further said, 

The areas are to get supply from Akute through the NIPP but last year when it was scheduled for commissioning, we noticed that the contractors used sub-standard materials.

We decided that the contractors handling the project should reconstruct or address the defects in the project, but as we speak they have not done anything.

When the plant was to be connected to distribute power, it could not carry the loads in the areas

IBEDC was reported to have promised the residents of the area of restoration of power supply to the area by December although many residents did not believe as they had been given many ‘December promises’ in times past.

However, on the 26th of December, the people of the area got the best gift they could ask for, unboxed and personally delivered to their homes when power supply was indeed restored.

Residents expressed joy and thanked all stakeholders, including the house of Representatives, that had discussed the issue on the floor of the national assembly.

A resident, Olayinka Eyiwuawi, who could not hide his feeling, said it was great having power restored to the community.

It was observed that some parts of the area were yet to be lit up as it seemed the supply was being done in phases but everyone was optimistic that every house would soon be lit.

Some landlords in the area however, urged IBEDC to consider giving some financial relief to the community as they had made significant contributions to the restoration of power to the area.

A landlord claimed to have personally paid N80,000 for connection and stated that other landlords paid similar amounts. He also claimed that IBEDC had earlier sold pre-paid meters to them. 

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