5 Ways To Know If Your Neighbour Is Stealing Your Electricity.

We all know that electricity theft is an extremely dangerous practice that has grave physical and legal repercussions. What most people don’t know, however, is how to investigate our neighbors to find out if our PAID electricity is being stolen from us.

Here are  5 simple ways to find out if your neighbours are stealing your power.

  • Step 1: Carefully examine the area around any electrical outlets that are accessible outside of your house, including outdoor outlets. it is also advised that you purchase lockable outlet covers for outdoor outlets, or turn off the breaker to these outlets when they’re not in use.
  • Step 2: Take a long hard look at the cables and conduits leading to your house for any signs of tampering or questionable cables leading from them. Meters and electrical boxes outside of your house should have a security tag. This is usually a looped wire secured with a plastic case about the size of a small padlock or a key chain. If the seal is broken or missing, someone may have been tampering with your electricity.
  • Step 3:  Consider switching off all the power in your house using the main disconnect beside your breaker box or fuse box. Then go outside and examine your electric meter. If all your power is turned off, the meter should stop moving. If it has not stopped, someone may have intercepted your electricity.
  • Step 4: Review your electric bills for unusually high usage. After a while residing in an apartment, you should have a rough estimate of the amount of power you consume on a monthly basis which ultimately reflects in your electricity bills. if your bills have recently doubled or more, without any specific reason (i.e a new appliance you recently purchased might be consuming more power that usual), someone may have tapped into your electricity lines.
  • Step 5: Contact your electricity supplier if you suspect someone is stealing power, whether they are tapping into your home or from the street. Most electricity providers have an anonymous tip line or contact form on their web pages for reporting electricity theft. The electric company has the resources and equipment to determine whether or not your neighbor is stealing electricity.

 To report electricity theft, simply call 09085555055 or fill our online report form by clicking here

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