Federal Government Owes Transcorp Group About N50 billion – Elumelu

Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Transcorp group said in an interviw that the federral govenment owes Transcorp about N50 billion. He described the power sector as a walking corpes that need very urgent attention or it wil collapse.

He explained that the Gencos are all running on loss and living on borrowed time.

“The agency of government that has the responsibiity for making sure that this sector delivers on its potential is not doing well enough. We are owed a lot of money.”

“Transcorp Power Holdings is owed almost N50 billion. When we put in the invoice for this month, we should be owed almost N54 or N55 billion. How do you survive in business like this? How? Other GenCos I know are actually dying,”

Elumelu stated that the government owes the company and that the debt still continues to pie up til date. E explained that due to the rising rate of naira to a dolar, even if the fedeal government were to pay back today (in naira), the value of the debt paid will stand at about 20% of its original value.

“We are struggling because of our diversified resource base, what of others? Something urgent and drastic must be done. It is as urgent as yesterday.

“The truth is Transcorp power, as a key operator in the sector, is struggling. And if we are struggling, you can imagine what others are going through.”

“Now you put in an invoice and you get paid 15-20%. And they started owing us when the naira was N168 to the dollar. Today, it’s N300 officially and N500 on the black market to the dollar so imagine the depletion, the erosion of value to shareholders of Transcorp.

“Is that going to encourage more investment in the sector? How? We are all living on borrowed time.”

He said Transcorp was negotiating with GE to bring in turbines worth $500 million, but was forced to cancel the plan because the company could not secure the needed foreign exchange.

Eumelu said, “When we wanted to the invest in the power sector, price of the tariff was predicated on three factors, exchange rate, gas, and rate of inflation. The rate of inflation has moved from single digits to double digits,”

“The dollar is now worth over N300, and there are problems with gas supply. Today, all three factors have changed but they are still paying us the same.

“On top of that, you’re owing us, and we all understand the time value of money. Transcorp power, you owe us about N50 billion. If you pay that money today, it would have more value.

“You’ve been owing us for years, and when we issue invoice, you would pay us about 20 percent of our invoice, so how do you survive in that market. So, indeed, the power sector is a walking corpse. It is a matter of time.”

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