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How To Get Prepaid Meters From PHED

Follow this easy steps to obtain a prepaid meter from PHED

Step 1:

Locate any of the PHED offices closest to you and request a prepaid metering form.

Step 2:

Fill the form with the appropriate information.

The form is broken down into four (4) sections.

  1. The first part is for your personal information such as; name, address, type of premises, signature, passport photograph etc.
  2. The second part of the form is the declaration of your electrical appliances. Here you will be required to complete the corresponding table with the number of electrical appliances (i.e light bulbs, television set, air conditioner, refrigerators) you plan to use in your premises. This information will determine the type of meter you will be issued – either a single phase or three phase meter. Furthermore, this second section also includes the terms and conditions governing the prepaid metering system and it is important that customers read and understand these terms as they will be key in the course of your prepaid metering process.
  3. The third part of this form concludes the customer’s requisition. In this section, you will be asked to fill your name, address, meter number as well as an approval of consent and a confirmatory signature.
  4. The fourth part of this form is to be completed by PHED officials.


  • Step 3:

Submit the completed form to the office you collected it from. Within 5 – 8 working days, an inspection team will be sent to your premises to verify the information on your metering form.  If the information checks out (i.e. the information provided is correct) you will be issued a prepaid meter under the terms and conditions stated in part 2 of your requisition form.



  • It is advised that you make a photocopy of your requisition form for later reference.
  • Customers are not to pay for prepaid meters. The prepaid meters are the property of the Distribution Companies and are issued to customers under the terms and conditions stated on the requisition form. Any PHED official requesting for money before issuing prepaid meters should be considered a corrupt official and you are advised to report such by clicking here 
  • You are not to tamper with the meters as any form of tampering will be considered as electricity theft and culprits of such acts will face stiff punishments.


For more inquiries, contact the PHED 24-hour customer care: 09087838800



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