No Distribution Company In Nigeria Is Bankable – CEO, PHED

CEO of PHED, Mr Jay McCoskey granted an interview on Nigeria Info radio, along with PHED Spokesperson, Mr John Onyi, at about 8.30 am this morning.

Mr Jay McCoskey, in the interview, explained why sometimes there is low power generation which in turn leads to low power distribution. The stated that Nigeria produces only about a third of the power needed in the country.

“There is only half as much generating capacity as what is needed in the country. And typically, only half of that is working. And that is dependent on fuel supply, gas, which has been down, the Niger-Delta Avengers and then, water supply from the hydro plants in the north has been down. So, as you can see we’ve got a situation of bad power supply across the country.”

When asked why payment is demanded from customers when transformers are to be fixed, he explained that customers are not supposed to pay for fixing of transformers. However, previous debts in the electricity bills of the community have to be paid up to 60% before the transformers can be replaced or fixed.

“When a transformer is destroyed, we ask for 60% of that debt before we replace the transformer. There’s no sense in replacing the transformer to continue our losses. Last year our losses were over 60%. We’re N70 billion in debt to the market because of what they call tariff sculpting. It’s where, for residential customers, the tariff has been about 24-25 naira per KW/H whereas our average cost is almost N29.”

He emphasised that this DisCos not being able afford to meter all their customers can also be attributed to the fact that distribution companies (of which PHED is one) are all in debt and therefore, can not get loans from banks.

“There’s no distribution company in Nigeria that is bankable right now.

The CEO also urged that customer should help PHED curb corruption by calling their helplines when they spot corrupt staffs, any form of electricity theft around their community. He stated ways by which customers can recognise and report fake or corrupt PHED staffs and he emphasised that customers are not to pay any fee directly to PHED staffs, instead, are to make use of the online platforms or visiting any PHED office to pay.

“On every staff ID, there is a number. So you can call to confirm the PHED staff

“Let me be clear, No customer should pay a PHED employee directly. Only in the office.

“We do have a anti-theft, anti-curruption hotline that customers can call.

“We have almost 80,000 prepaid meters and approximately 40,000 of the were installed prior to the privatisation. And almost all those are by-passed.”


To report electricity theft or corrupt PHED staff call the S4 report line: 09085555055 or submit your complaints by clicking here.

Mr John Onyi also added that,

“CDC has never been recognised by PHED. It’s just a group of people coming together to extort people of money. We have a designated place where payment can be made. We have designated agents. We have GPay. Do not go through a third party. Lead us not into temptation.”

How to identify authentic PHED staff.

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