Senate President Agrees With Sparkonline- Power Sector Fixes Begin From Niger Delta and Policy Reforms

At the opening session of the Senate on Tuesday, the 10th of January, Dr Bukola Saraki expressed displeasure over the situation of electricity supply in the country. He revealed that he had met with stakeholders in the power sector in Nigeria, before the Christmas/New Year break, to further brainstorm on the issues bedevilling the industry.
Before we left for the break, myself, a select few of us and stakeholders in the power sector met to get an understanding of why no progress has been made thus far despite the best intention; and the revelations were mind-boggling.
He bemoaned the huge deficit in the industry and faulted the privatisation process of the power sector stating it is a part of what has birthed the complications currently troubling the sector

There had been errors in the privatisation process and the model by which the power sector is being operated—whether at generation or distribution—will never take us where we need to be. It has failed and nobody appears willing to tackle the issue head-on towards a permanent resolution.

Having realised how policy inconsistencies have continued to impede growth in the sector, the Senate President emphasised the need for policy reforms to allow for a private-sector led industry and as a result, mandated the Senate Committee on Power to continue consultations and come up with suggestions on how to get the power sector out of the woods.

I have mandated the Senate Committee on Power to continue the consultation with the relevant parties to forge a path to solving our crippling power deficit. After all, if we are going to drive Nigerian industry, we need to resolve this and fast.

Dr Saraki also highlighted the importance of engaging the aggrieved in the Niger Delta in a bid to bring stability and development to the region. This, according to him, will give assurances to the investments there and positively impact on power generation across the country.

The proposed engagement, we suggest must be sincere, constructive, open and confidence building. This Senate is willing to assist and play whatever role necessary to facilitate a successful agreement that would help us see to the end of the lingering conflict

Recall that sparkmediaonline had previously published editorials highlighting the need to resolve the Niger Delta issue as well as reforms needed, especially in the gas sub-sector to significantly improve power supply in 2017.

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