Water Level, Not Responsible For Low Power Supply – Kainji GenCo MD

Mr Lamu Audu, the Managing Director of Mainstream Energy Solutions, dispelled TCN’s claim that the current inadequate power supply in the country was partly as a result of low water level in some hydro power station.

He said that there was no issue of low water level and that these could be seen in the still rising level of water in the county’s two main electricity generating dams, Kainji and Jebba.

He said: “For anybody to mention water level is unacceptable. It is not true.  The issue of water does not arise.”

According to Audu, of the country’s total generation on the grid was 2,929 megawatts, as at Monday morning, and Kainji and Jebba Hydro Power plants contributed about 700megawatts of that, adding that Shiroro hydro power also had about 300 megawatts.

He stated that the power sector is faced with a lot of grave challenges but availability of water wasn’t one of them. Audu said that this problems need to addressed as soon as possible, especially to ensure the evacuation of all the power generated by his plants and that of others.

“There has been three-system collapse this year alone; two full collapse and one partial within the same month and this is what is causing all these fluctuations. Part of the problem is that when this system collapse happens, it affects our machines and now Jeba is suffering.

“We have been having up to this week, high frequency which is as a result of somebody not using the power they are having, that is the only explanation. So, most of these high frequencies cause this system collapse.”

Audu pointed out the irony in the fact that power generation companies such as Mainstream are suffering losses due to unutilized power, while Nigerians have no power to run their businesses and for domestic uses. He explained that energy cannot be stored for use later, therefore, a lot of unutilized power go to waste and cause huge loses.

He said: “Our system is feeling it. The problem with generation of electricity is that electrical energy cannot be stored. You use as produced. So, these machines monitor if what it tries to put on the grid  is actually utilized, if it is not, the frequency will shoot up and the machine will see it and then begins to de-load and if the machine is not designed to de-load on its own, it will trip to protect itself from the high frequency.

“And by the time our machines trip, so many sequence of events happen within that machine and it causes a lot of wear and tear and with the aged machines that we have and by the time you go through one, two, three system collapse, the damage is much.”

He added that, “I think TCN should answer because they are the ones taking the energy from us and giving to the DISCOs but if the DISCOs are not utilizing it, they will know better than anybody else.

“The DISCOs can deny but TCN should have the records to tell us what is happening to the energy that we are generating. Simple question: why has the frequency been high. Even from the system collapse, it shows from the broadcast 51.48 instead of 50 which means that someone is not taking the power we are producing.

“It has been observed recently that the frequency has been on the high side, why? They should tell Nigerians why? Because if you ask the DISCO man, he will deny it, he will tell you there is no generation.”


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