Energy Saving Tips When Pressing Your Clothes

Did you know that using a flat iron to straighten multiple clothes at once can help save power?  A pressing iron expends more energy when heating up than it does to stay hot. Hence, getting all your rumpled clothes out on a weekend and using your pressing iron to straighten them all at once, while adjusting the thermostat to a constant temperature can be a simple hack to save you money on electricity bills.

If this seems too herculean a task to undertake, other tips to save energy while pressing clothes include:

Separating your clothing items according to their materials. For example, sorting your clothes into categories like denim (jeans material), cotton material and silk material before plugging in the flat iron.

Then go ahead to sprinkle water on those clothes that are hard to straighten out. This will reduce the time for ironing it, and saves electric consumption in the process.

Iron the denim first, as the nature of the cloth material requires maximum heat, then go for the cotton ones, and then the clothes that are made of softer fabrics which need less heat i.e silk. You proceed to iron these kinds of materials with minimal heat which will help save power.

If you have smaller pieces of clothing with similarly light material like scarves or handkerchiefs to iron, then you can unplug the flat iron, then to utilize the available heat to iron them.

Finally, scheduling your ironing chores for the early morning or late in the night when room temperature is generally cooler can also help save power.


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