How To Activate Your Smart Meters

Kaduna Electric recently began deploying smart meters to its customers in a bid to improve its services acroos the franchise areas.

The need for smarter meters has been apparent for a while now as complaints of overbilling and electricity theft have been recurrent among customers. The smart meters can ensure more accurate energy bills as well preventing electricity theft which will ultimately help in providing a suistanable metering structure.

For Residents of Kaduna Electric you can activate your smart meter by following the steps below:

  • When you go to buy energy at the vending station, you will be given a receipt containing 2 key change numbers. Each key change contains 20 digits.


  • You will then be given you credit token which shows the amount of energy purchased.


  • Key in the 2 key change numbers to convert the meter from factory mode to user mode.


  • When this is successfully done, the ‘GOOD’ sign will appear on your meter.


  •  You can then key in your credit token.


  • Before keying the key change numbers and credit token ensure that the changeover switch is positioned at Kaduna Electric supply not on standby Generator.


  • The Customer Interface Unit should be plugged into a socket when there is power supply before keying in the key change numbers and the credit token.

For More Information, warch the video below:

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