How To Prepare For Power Outage

Every day we hear news of impending outages all over the country, and while these can be very upsetting, there are steps to take to cope with the menace of power outages.

Here are some simple and easy ways to stay on top of an outage situation.


STEP 1: 

Check For Possible Time Of Restoration:

Sometimes outages can be announced via our outage alerts, other times these outages might be unplanned and unprecedented which makes it more difficult to predict just how long these outages will last for. For those power outages that are announced either before or during the outages, it is important to check for the time of restoration which will inform just how much preparation you might need and how long these outages will last. This is key and should inform all your other actions when preparing for an outage.



Get An alternative illumination Source: 

Being thrown into darkness is a sickening feeling and nothing infuriates a typical Nigerian more that being cut off power and thrown into darkness without prior notice. So it is advised to have a rechargeable lamp on standby. Most rechargeable lamps will come on automatically in the event of a sudden outage if they turned on while charging. This simple life hack will ease the frustration associated with the power outage and will help provide fairly adequate illumination to carry out in-house errands until power is restored. Also, it is advised that you do NOT subscribe to candles as an alternate means of lighting as these can cause serious fire hazards.


STEP 3:  

Always Have A Gas Cooker On Stand-By: 

Have you ever been in the middle of cooking your favorite meal? And suddenly the power goes out and you don’t have an alternative to your electric cooker and no way to continue your cooking?. If you have ever been in this position then you understand the importance of having an alternative source for cooking. Getting a portable gas cooker or having one on standby can do a world of good and free your mind from the fear of being stranded while making a meal with an electric cooker.



Keep Your Refrigerators Closed:

This is a simple trick that comes in very handy in the event of lengthy periods of outages. You want to preserve your perishables in your refrigerator for as long as possible and this is best achieved when you minimize how often you open and close the refrigerators. Modern day refrigerators can maintain their temperature for up to 48 hours while constant opening and closing of the appliance will cause the temperature to rise rapidly which will result in defrosting within about 6-8 hours, which is exactly what you want to avoid. Hence, it is important to make sure your refrigerator is closed and only open when you need it.



Don’t Forget  The Power Banks:

Power banks have become increasingly popular among Nigerians and the reason is pretty obvious. The growing need for an extra power source that is equally portable cannot be overemphasized and it is important that you invest in such devices and always keep them charged and ready for a rainy day (both figuratively and literally, as rainfall is often an excuse for power outage in this part of the world). These devices can supply additional power for over 12 hours with a full charged battery and it is an easy way to ensure your portable devices (i.e phones and laptops) have power pending the restoration power supply.



Always Have A Back-Up Power Source:

It is common knowledge that power supply in Nigeria is epileptic at best, hence it’s a no-brainer to at least own an inverter, fuel-powered, or solar powered alternate source. The cleaner the energy source (i.e solar) the better it is for you and the environment. This is probably the most important preparation for possible power outages, as it ensures that your daily activities will not be affected by the inconsistencies of TCN or worse, your local DisCo. Getting an alternate power source might be an expensive undertaking but it is one that cannot be avoided if you truly want to avoid the rigors of putting up with Nigeria’s electricity.

So there you have it. 6 simple and effective ways to stay ahead of the Nigeria’s epileptic power situation.

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