All You Need To Know About MTN Mobile Electricity


What Is MTN Mobile Electricity?


MTN Mobile Electricity is a Mobile solar electricity solution aimed at delivering safe, reliable and affordable power to millions of households in Nigeria.

The Mobile electricity solution is a product of the partnership between MTN, Nigeria’s largest Mobile Network, Lumos, maker of PayGo off-grid Solar Home Systems, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

The solution will be marketed as the Lumos Mobile Electricity Service powered by MTN, and it promises to promote development and improve the daily lives of Nigerians. The product has a pack of advantages, one of which is the noise-free and fume-free nature of the product.




How Does It Work?


The device comes with an 80W solar panel which can be mounted outside to collect solar energy from the Sun and charge the built-in battery. It usually takes about 6- 8 hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery. Once the device is fully charged it can last for several hours (depending on the amount of load).


How Do I Pay For/Activate The Service?


MTN Mobile Electricity is Pay as you Go. The Lumos Solar Home System is locked until you pay to access the electricity stored in the built-in battery. The indoor unit is connected to the MTN network and gives you access to the stored energy only if you have paid.

Plan Price Activation Code
5 Days ₦1000 (200 NGN per Day) SMS 5 to 317
10 Days ₦1800 (180 NGN per Day) SMS 10 to 317
30 Days ₦4500 (150 NGN per Day) Text 30 to 317
90 Days ₦12,600 (140 NGN per Day) SMS 90 to 317
180 Days ₦23,400 (130 NGN per Day) Text 180 to 317
365 Days ₦46,720 (128 NGN per Day) SMS 365 to 317

Select from any of the above activation codes to activate the system.

Part of the terms and conditions requires you to use the system for at least 20 days in a month or you will lose ownership of the system.

After 1800 paid days, the system unlocks permanently allowing you to enjoy energy without having to pay


How Much Electrical Load Can It Take?


The MTN Mobile Electricity indoor unit offers eight DC output ports with varying amount of current, suitable for charging mobile phones or tablets and powering other DC power appliances like LED lights and radios.

The Mobile Electricity kit comes with a DC to AC converter, which allows you to convert DC output to AC.This converter can output up to 60W which is adequate for powering appliances like your electric fan, laptops, and Small TV.

Obviously, it is NOT capable of powering heavier devices such as Refrigerators and Air Conditioners.



Are There Any Additional Costs?


There is a one-time commitment fee (₦26,000) and several plans you can choose from to pay your monthly credit. For your convenience, Top-up, Auto-renewal and daily fallback are optional on all plans. You can always exit by sending Exit to 317.



Does It Come With Warranty?


The device comes with 5 years warranty meaning Lumos will provide repairs and support service for the system for 5 years ensuring that you have 24/7 electricity all year round.


Is MTN Mobile Electricity A Viable Alternative To Conventional Power Supply?


The Mobile electricity solution is a welcome development and though it has it’s obvious incapacities, it is still a viable option that electricity consumer should consider. Also, the reaction to this device will greatly affect how other investors in the power sector choose to proceed. A positive reaction from electricity consumers means we can expect more of such innovations while a negative reaction means investors will most likely shy away from similar projects. The Mobile electricity service presents a new dawn for off-grid power supply, one I think we should all embrace or at least consider.





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