CSIRO Develops Meter To Monitors Energy Use In Real Time


NUMEN Energy System

Australian companies CSIRO and Ecocentric are partnering under a licensing and research agreement to further develop an Energy efficiency system called Numen. The Numen system helps monitor energy use of appliances in real time. The system can monitor all home appliances ranging from your air conditioner to your phones and computers when plugged in.

According to the CEO of Ecocentric, Tim Bray said the problem was most people have no idea how much energy they’re using, so it’s hard for them to become more efficient.

“When they get their standard quarterly bill they effectively see it, they might see it as a comparison to the month before but they really have no idea as to what’s driving it,” he said.

“What Numen will do is really allow them to get under the hood in terms of what’s driving the way in which they’re using energy right down to an individual device level.

“Individual lights, individual plugged-in things like computers and laptops, the stereo, plus the washing machine and fridge and those things as well.”

NUMEN Energy System

The hope of Ecocentric is to fast-track commercialization of its sophisticated electricity metering and management system.

Numen achieves this by bringing together a building’s total energy signal, identifying the appliances present, and then separating out appliance-specific consumption data on how much energy the appliance is using.

The system was developed collaboratively using CSIRO algorithms, Numen improves the processes involved in using and conserving energy in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Numen uses cloud-based technology to monitor energy consumption in real-time, allowing unprecedented insights into the operation of critical machinery.

The system will allow automatic identification of metered electrical devices, facilitate better understanding and prediction of energy use patterns, and predict faults for pre-emptive maintenance.

This information will highlight opportunities for more efficient energy use, resulting in cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

NUMEN Energy System

According to the CSIRO Energy Director, Karl Rodrigues;

“The energy domain is experiencing an increased focus in the megatrend ‘digital immersion’, affecting both domestic and commercial energy consumers,” Mr Rodrigues said.

“Our research is helping drive the next wave of productivity and efficiency in energy consumption.”


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