Open Up Power Sector To End Power Crisis – Saraki

The Senate President of Nigeria, Bukola Saraki has said that the Federal government has to open up the power sector in order to fix the crisis in the sector. Bukola Saraki who went on an official visit to Berlin, Germany got to Feldheim, an energy self-sufficient village located 70 kilometres outside Berlin where residents combine efforts and local resources to produce clean and renewable energy.

He said the power sector laws have to be changed for Nigerian communities to attain such level of independence, adding that, not allowing communities generate more than 10MW of electricity for themselves is one of the factors holding the power sector back.

“We have to amend the laws to allow communities to generate energy that is more than 10 megawatts and even the laws about power transmission and distribution have to be amended to allow more creativity and involvement from the private sector.”

The Project Manager of the Feldheim power generation facility, Werner Frohwitter said that the village produces about 10MW of electricity for its residents and tourists, after which they sell the rest to the national grid.

The Senate President, however, assure that the senate’s top priority is still power supply;

“Power supply remains top in the agenda of the Senate as it is a key instrument for eradicating poverty and unleashing the potentials of the people. That is why we had a workshop on power sector last month. It is also why we are here to see the experiment and success of the people of Feldheim and see what our people can learn from it.” He said.

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