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Oroworokwo Community Hosts PHED In Customer Engagement Forum

On Tuesday 28h of march 2017, PHED visited the Oroworukwo community to educate them on the power sector value chain, energy effficiency, safety as well as respond to complaints about epileptic power supply in the area. The event which commenced at about 1 p.m had in attendance various top officials of PHED including Mr. Franklyn Ajegbu – Energy Efficiency Expert, The Head of PHED customer service, The lead HSE official at PHED and a representative of the PHED spokesman, Mr. John Onyi.

Also in attendance were the Elders of the Oroworukwo community, alongside customers of PHED residing in the community. The customers complained of the outrageous bills they were being served in spite of very little to no power supply. This point was buttressed by the Elders of the community who advocated that the area be moved to a better line with more regular power supply.

The PHED officials responded to this by stating that only a minimal number of people in the community pay their bills making it difficult to build new infrastructure to improve power supply, he also read out the rights of the electricity consumers whilst encouraging them to come forward with all over billing complaints. He further assured customers that all overbilling issues will be investigated and possible reconciliation will take place where necessary. On the issue of relocating the communities line to a more power stable line, The Head of PHED customer service – Godwin Orakpowenri Orovwiroro remarked saying.

If the bills can be settled or at least a considerable percentage of it can be recovered that it becomes easier to negotiate on this going forward.

He, however, noted that this cannot be a one-day commitment and that committees should be set up in the community to liaise with PHED going forward.

The Elders obliged to this suggestion and assured all in attendance that they will act accordingly. The audience were also educated on the challenges of the power sector value chain as well as the importance of Safety and Energy efficiency.

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