DisCos Accused Of Rejecting Power. . . Again


Recent reports from Daily Trust obtained from industry figures have shown that eleven electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) rejected 10,200 megawatts (mw) allocation in one month.

Apparently, between February and March, the DisCos were allocated a total of 75,021mw within the period but they accepted 65,729mw which they distributed to the end users.

However, the difference of 10,200mw was rejected by different DisCos per time. Data indicated that a few DisCos in February and March took excess power totaling 780mw. Analysis showed that Ikeja and Benin DisCos topped the list of the highest load rejecters as they did that over three times during the period.

This is not the first time that the DisCos have been accused of rejecting power and there hasn’t been any concrete response from the DisCos concerning this recent accusation.


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