I Can Fix South Australia’s Electricity Problems In 100 Days – Elon Musk


Elon Musk is slowly owning the global power scene, so when he makes a bold claim like this, it’s interesting to find out what he really means. The tech billionaire co-founder of electric car giant Tesla, has thrown down a challenge to the South Australian and federal governments, saying he can solve the state’s energy woes within 100 days – or he’ll deliver the 100MW battery storage system for free.

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It is curious however that musk isn’t attempting this in his homeland of South Africa which  is popularly Known for the term load shedding, which is just a pleasant way of saying power outages and Tesla’s vice-president for energy products as said the company could install the 100-300 megawatt hours of battery storage that would be required to prevent these outages.

This conversation was escalated on twitter when Mike Cannon-Brookes, the Australian co-founder of Silicon Valley startup Atlassian, tweeted at  Elon Musk, asking if Tesla was serious about being able to install the capacity.

Musk replied that the company could do it in 100 days of the contract being signed, or else provide it free, adding: “That serious enough for you?”

Musk who has been busy in recent months with various solar energy solutions around the world seems more than capable of delivering on his promise and the South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has already joined the conversation on twitter, tweeting a response saying  “Let’s talk!”

While it’s ironic that such a serious conversation is happening via twitter, you cannot deny the sheer influence that Elon Musk is currently having on world’s power scene at the moment.


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