Electricity Consumers Blame DisCos For Electricity Theft


In a new twist in the nIgerian power scene, A group called the Citizens Access to Electricity Initiatives (CATEIN) have poined fingers at the DoscOs as the chief cause of electricity theft in the country.

Mr Abdul-Rasak Fashola, National Coordinator of CATEIN and coincidentally, namesake to the power minister, expressed his displeasure at the reports which stated that the DisCos are losing money cause of energy theft.

It is common knowledge that the Discos have often complained of Energy theft as the main cause of the Liquidity crunch in the power sector.

The CATEIN coordinator has however responded by saying that these Distribution Companies are the architect of their own struggles explaining that these DisCos have indirectly encouraged their customers to steal power. He explained further that this is because they have outsourced the work of installing meters to contractors.

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“During the defunct PHCN, meter was a source of income, there was a unit that controlled meter installation, but now the DisCos have outsourced the unit to contractors.By outsourcing the job of meter installation to contractors, DisCos have given rooms for energy theft. The so called contractors then hire roadside electricians to do the installation for consumers after they have undergone training.These electricians are ready to compromise as long as consumers are able to give them extra money in order to bypass some household appliances,’’ he said.

He said that those installing meters would collect money from prospective consumers and help them to bypass some appliances since they were not accountable to the DisCos.

“As long as they are not employed by DisCos, their obligation rests with the contractors, who hired them, so why won’t they compromise with consumers.Put your houses in order and energy theft will be reduced considerably,” Fashola said.


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