Two Sides Of The same Story – Ikeja Electric Vs Electricity Consumers In Igando


Recently, Ikeja electric has gone on all their social media platforms to decry the recent vandalism in Igando, Lagos state. The Utility company has stated that about 24 transformers were vandalized within one week with about 6,000 customers thrown into darkness in Igando and environs. Now while this makes for a compelling argument, the residents of Igando have stated that the stories of vandalisms are false or at best exaggerated as Igando has been an area which Ikeja Disco have persistently refused to supply power to. The consensus from electricity consumers is that the claims of vandalism from Ikeja Disco are an attempt to save face.

In an interview with a resident of Egan, Igando for over 10 years,  an anonymous resident said that power supply has been practically non-existent in the areas with lengthy periods of power outage becoming a norm.

“We have given up on power supply in Igando, they almost never bring light and when they do it’s for few hours which is then followed up by weeks, sometimes months of power outage. To be honest we are not even mad anymore, we are used to it already. Ikeja shouldn’t just use vandalism as an excuse for power outage.” he said.

So the question is, “who is to be believed?” looking at the number, 24 transformers being vandalized one week seems staggering. This would mean that over 3 transformers were vandalized daily. That sounds like terrorism at its peak and you wouldn’t blame electricity consumers in the area for being naturally skeptical to these reports.

However, it is noteworthy to observe that consumers in Igando did not exact deny in explicit terms that transformers were vandalised, they just have developed a passive-aggressive attitude towards Ikeja Disco to even care about the state of power utilities anymore. So it is a curious and rather peculiar case indeed.  Whatever side of the story you tend to believe,  and it is clear that the Nigerian power industry is still miles away from connecting with its customers.

Here are some of the comments from Igando Residents on twitter.



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