General Electric To Install Hydropower Plants In Nigeria


General Electric, an American corporation headquartered in Boston is planning to install hydroelectric plants that will generate additional two gigawatts of electricity in Nigeria by 2030. This is part of 29GW hydropower expansion projects to be executed by the American multinational corporation in four African countries in the next 13 years.

CEO of General Electric, Yves Rannou, recently revealed that other similar projects are currently in the works in other countries like Angola, Mozambique, Morocco and Ethiopia

“In 2016, more than 3GW of hydropower capacity was put into operation with plans to grow its installed base in the years to come. There are also plans for an additional 7GW in Angola; +2GW in Mozambique and Nigeria; +2GW in Morocco; and +18GW in Ethiopia by 2030.”

Yves has also praised Africa as one of the most economically dynamic continents, with only three per cent of the huge hydro capacity being utilized stating that the future of sustainable access to energy by African countries depends on hydro, wind and solar. While speaking on the benefits of hydropower, he said it would help control flood, encourage irrigation and water supply for agriculture and land planning.

“It develops industry; it improves access to healthcare; it helps support education and high-quality jobs.

“It has returned to the forefront now because everyone realizes how hydropower contributes to grid stability, thanks to its flexibility and scale of production. It also enables the expansion of wind and solar, and is a key player in the overall energy mix.”#

This comes at a perfect time, with recent reports showing that hydropower installations have soared in the last year on a global scale.



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