Ikeja Electric Shares Customer’s Testimonial

Ikeja Electric put up a video a few weeks ago on their youtube page which features a customer praising the utility company’s operations and services. As you might know, Ikeja DisCo is tasked with one of the most difficult Jobs of all the DisCos – which is the duty of servicing over 8 Million Customers who mostly reside in the commercial areas of Lagos. One can safely assume that it will be close to impossible to keep 8 million people happy, however, some people appear to be pleased by the company’s services as seen in the video below. Kindly tell us what you think in the comment section and if you live under Ikeja Electric’s distribution zone, let us know if you agree with this customer and what you think of Ikeja Electric’s services.

Tomide Adeyeye

Federal University Of Technology (FUTA) Alumnus. I am constantly overwhelmed by the power of the written word and how it can transcend genres, stereotypes, and even time itself. This fascination drives my passion for writing.

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