Power Generation Drops Again


The continual ups highs and lows of power generation and transmission has occurred again as recent reports have emerged stating that the Nigerian electricity grid has lost 429 megawatts (mw) last Sunday as it dropped to 3,598mw on the 30th of last month.

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Previously, generation had fluctuated significantly from the 4,518mw attained earlier in the week to a low level of 113mw, with a total system collapse and blackout lasting for hours on Wednesday. The collapse is the third of such in the month of April 2017.

In sharp contrast, the highest of power generated by Saturday was 4,027mw but fell to 3,212mw the same day, the data revealed. About 83,997-megawatt hours (mwh) was transmitted to the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos) to service the over six million registered electricity users across the country.

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The hope remains that the weak transmission grid can be improved to cater for the 12,000 MW the GenCos claim to be able to generate but with the liquidity crunch still very much present and with the never ending battle between ANED and NERC on escrow accounts, it seems we just might be a long way from seeing any form of stability in the power sector.


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