The Real Reasons You Don’t Have Power Supply


Festac Residents Lament Over Power Outage

Power outages are nothing new and persistent as they are, they have become part of our everyday life In Nigeria. With recent statistics have showing that over 70 % of  Nigerians experience less than 12 hours of power every day and out of the entirety of the Nigerian population, only 60% are connected to the national grid. Meaning about 40 million Nigerians do not even have access to power.

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Now while these numbers are reminiscent of the ending of a sad horror movie, the reality is that power supply does not look like improving anytime soon which further begs the question of why do we have a poor power supply?

Here, we will be discussing the real reasons why power supply is practically non-exist in Nigeria.


The Number 1 Reason For Power Outage is

Insufficient Power generation from the GenCos:

First off, power supply in the country is clearly insufficient to adequately provide power for everyone in the country. We have rarely enjoyed up to 5,000 Mw of power which is a far cry from the 12,000 Mw necessary for steady power supply. The Gencos have reportedly claimed that they have an installed capacity to produce 10,00 Mw worth of power supply but have been continually impaired by the competencies (or the lack thereof) of our number 2 culprits of Nigeria’s power problem.


What Are Gencos? 


The transmission company of Nigeria is tasked with providing a network of transmission for power in Nigeria, and if the recent allegations are to be believed, this is a task which they are clearly incompetent to achieve. TCN is still partly run by the government and is often the reason for most National grid failure that has occurred in several months. These grid failures have often left the country in complete darkness as TCN transmission networks are apparently weak and unable to carter to Nigeria’s power needs.

Everything You Need To Know About TCN

Load Shedding:

Load shedding is usually an excuse used by most disCos to cover up their incompetencies. However, in most cases, load shedding is a real measure used to avoid system overload and protect the grid from collapse. To learn more about load shedding, click here.


Faulty/Vandalised Property:

A lot of times, the reasons for power outage can be due to vandalized and/or faulty equipment (Poles & transformers). We all know that the state of power facilities in Nigeria are pathetic, to say the least, so frequent occurrences of vandalized and faulty equipment often contribute to poor power supply. Also, most discos will not attempt to restore a faulty transformer, less 60% of the debt on the transformer is settled. This is a major issue f controversy between customers and the utility companies. Sadly that is the policy.

Power Allocation:

If all factors remain constant, the chances are the reason you don’t have power supply is due to the power allocation of the areas you reside in. These includes the time of the day an area gets power and how many hours of power they enjoy. These are determined by the Discos based on the nature of the area (commercial or residential) and also the collections ratio of the area. Areas which pay their bills regularly are more likely to enjoy more power.

Apart from these reasons, another reason for power outage might just be negligence by the Distribution Company or a combination of all these factors. Either way, power outage will continue to be recurrent in our lives for the foreseeable future. I guess a better question is how you deal with the power outage?

How To Deal With Power Outages In Nigeria

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