ActionAid Calls For Urgent Review Of Power Sector Privatization



Another sect of the nigerian populace has called for an immediate review of the power sector privatization. The daily trust reports that the ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has made this call in order to save the country from further damages.

The chairman board of the AAN Prof. Patricia Donlin and the Country Director of AAN Ojobo Ode Atuluku made the call Sunday in Abuja at the 33rd meeting and 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its General Assembly.
Atuluku said that the privatization has failed as it is not working and that the facilities and infrastructures handed over to the private investors has made the power sector in the country worse off and has rather compounded the problem of electricity that the privatization was meant to solve.
“The privatization of the power sector has not worked and there is a need for an immediate and drastic review of the policy. It may be difficult but the government should reclaim the sector from the private hands to save it from further damage as witnessed in other public sectors. Private companies are driven by profits and the citizens are driven by the right to quality and affordable basic amenities; these two are not on the same aim,” Atuluku said.
While calling for local government autonomy so that more matters affecting citizens can be solved there directly, she also warned that while the whistle blowing policy of the federal government appeared to have been effective since its recent introduction, but that it could also become a tool for blackmail, thus government must seek better ways of eradicating corruption.
Donli who read the state of the nation address of the meeting said electricity has continued to be a major challenge in the country and that given its relevance to the growth of industries and sustenance and survival of SMEs, the government can no longer abandon its responsibility to ensure the power management works.
“The government should admit that the privatization of electricity supply has failed. Therefore it is important that the government reviews the privatization of the power sector which from all indications has failed. We hereby call on the government to take the bold steps necessary to correct this injustice done to Nigerian people and the state,” Donli said.     
On how to eradicate corruption in the society Donli urged the federal government to orientate citizens on how corruption affects them as individual in the society so that they cane at the front of fighting it.
She said corruption remains the greatest epidemic in the country and citizens ought to be aware of the link between corruption and the lack of infrastructure in Nigeria.
She also expressed concern over the rising cases of suicide among Nigerians.
“This new phenomenon undoubtedly has arisen as a result of inequality and poverty level on the citizenry. It is our belief that the distortion of facts, trade in lies and mobilisation of sectional interest in ongoing cases of corruption would have been countered better where citizens have taken ownership of the anti -corruption effort of government,” she said.
Also speaking, the convener of the 2017 general assembly, Dr Mac John Nwaobiala, stressed that the government needs to invest in the fight against corruption by enlightening workers across federal, state and local governments as well as school children, religious leaders, and non-governmental organizations on the menace.


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