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On Friday, 16th of June, Spark Media hosted a live chat with PHED Spokesperson, Mr John Onyi on Twitter. The tweet chat covered mostly questions regarding PHED’s metering program, consumer engagement.

My John Onyi answered questions that have been gathered by Spark Media from concerned customers. He was also able to answer some customers questions directly on Twitter under the tweet chat hashtag (#SparkTalk).

Talking about some of the progress that PHED has made since the privatisation, he mentioned that the company now has

“The company now has 9,108 transformers now as against the 7,077 before privatisation.

“PHED has created 18 commercial feeders to serve our commercial customers in order avoid power interruption especially during productn period.

“We have also been reaching out to our customers by holding community customer engagement programs to resolve problems on the spot.”

Spark Live Chat Twitter PHED

On metering, he revealed that PHED currently has successfully metered all her maximum demand customer in line with the NERC directives. He also revealed PHED’s current status in metering of Non-MD customers under her network. According to Mr John Onyi, PHED has been able to install about 15,000 Non-MD meters over the past two months.

“We have been able to meter all our 3,300 MD(Maximum Demand) customers in line with the NERC directives.

“PHED is presently reclassifying, recallibrating, recirtificating nd replacing the old meters that were found to be faulty.

“As we speak, PHED has taken delivery of about 75,000 meters for our non-MD customers. In the last 2 months we have install 15,000.

“And in the next 4 months we eapect to have unstalled over 100,000 meters.” He added.

When asked about where the new policy on eligible customers leaves PHED, Mr John expressed PHED’s resolve to improve her service to her MD customers in order to ensure that they don’t have to consider buying power from any other source.

Spark Live Chat Twitter PHED

Spark Live Chat Twitter PHED



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