More Jobs Being Created By Renewable Energy Sector

Recent studies have shown that despite contrary reports by some world leaders (cc: Donald Trump), the numbers still continue to show that more and more jobs are being created on the renewable energy front, even in the African market. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has said no fewer than 15,000 people were employed in the renewable energy sub-sector of the power industry in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and other countries in West Africa and Southern Africa (excluding South Africa) in 2016 alone. That number is set to grow this year and peak in the coming years.

Market reports have further indicated that those numbers could have been even more if the countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia had harnessed more of its renewable energy potential. According to IRENA, the employment figure in the renewable sub-sector is expected to increase to 30million in 2030 from the current 9.8million as more countries are taking steps to combat climate change while investing in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, bio-mass and others, in order to improve electricity supply.

A further breakdown of the 9.8million people employed in the renewable sector last year shows West and Southern African countries employed 15,000 workers; North Africa 16,000; South Africa 30,000; Germany 334,000; France 162,000; rest of European Union (EU) 667,000; United States (US) 777,000; Brazil 876,000; India 385,000; Japan 333,000; China 3.6million; Bangladesh 162,000 and others. This marks an increase of 1.1 per cent from that of 2015.

With renewable energy slowly becoming the new order of the day, it poses the question of Why Nigeria Isn’t doing more to harness its renewable energy potentia ?

Tomide Adeyeye

Federal University Of Technology (FUTA) Alumnus. I am constantly overwhelmed by the power of the written word and how it can transcend genres, stereotypes, and even time itself. This fascination drives my passion for writing.

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