A Baboon Causes Power Outage In Zambia

While we constantly wrestle with a lingering power outage in this part of Africa, people of Zambia suffer a slightly different problem. reports have emerged that a baboon plunged a Zambian tourist town into darkness on Sunday after tampering with equipment at a hydroelectric power station which is a 108 MW power station in Livingstone. The power station is close to the beautiful Victoria Falls and the national park, which is habitat for various animals.

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A statement from Zesco Ltd, which owns the power station, said the baboon disturbed a high voltage transformer leaving about 40,000 customers without electricity for five hours.
“The baboon suffered an electric shock and was taken to wildlife officers for treatment,” Zesco spokesperson, Henry Kapata, said. He said that the animal was fortunate to survive. In a similar incident on 2016, a monkey caused a nationwide blackout in Kenya.

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