Enugu Disco To Begin First Phase Of Five Year Metering Plan

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has awarded a N10 billion contract to commence the first phase of customer metering, in a bid to provide all customers with pre-paid meters. This was revealed by Dr Stephen Dike, Director and Board member of the distribution company on Friday.

Dr Dike, while addressing the leadership of a Gender Equality Movement group who protested poor power supply and overbilling at the EEDC headquarters in Enugu, made it known that the company is very committed to metering all its customers.

He revealed that it would take up to five years to successfully complete the metering of all EEDC customers. He also explained why the previous metering scheme that stated in 2014 was terminated.

“When we took over, we started metering our customers in 2014. Sadly, about 85 percent of the meters in Awkunanaw in Enugu were by-passed.

“We then decided to stop metering in order to come up with a meter that will be difficult to tamper with by customers.

“The cheapest pre-paid meter you can get is N30, 000 and it takes a minimum of 19 years to recoup the capital invested in one. In spite of that, people are bypassing.

“That was why we stopped metering because we have no choice than to look for the type of meter that will be difficult to by-pass.”

Dr Dike also added that in the face of this challenges, some corrupt individuals have been manufacturing and distributing illegal prepaid meters stamped with EEDC serial numbers. He lamented that these issues have caused the power company to lose a great deal in terms of investments.

He finally assured the customers of the company that the hurdles of power supply in the South-East region would soon be over as the company was doing its best to overcome them.

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