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What To Expect From The New Power Plants Projects In Nigeria

The good people at have offered a list of the top power plants projects in Nigeria. These include the 450 Megawatts Azura Power Plant,  700 Megawatts Hydro Power Plant,  Zungeru power plant, 240 Mega Watts Afam Power Plant,  40 Mega Watts Kashimbilla Hydro Power Plant, 215 Mega Watts Kaduna Power Plant,  40 Mega Watts Guerra Power Plant, 29 Mega Watts Dadin Kowa Hydro Power Plant, 10 Mega Watts Katsina Wind Power Plant.

Most of these stations are Natural gas powered stations mostly located in the Northern part of Nigeria. The largest being the Azure power plant in Edo state which has a generating capacity of 1,500 Megawatts. The earliest we can start to enjoy any of these power plants is by the tail end of the year, which is when we can expect the 40 Mega Watts Kashimbilla power plant in Taraba state to be operational. We shouldn’t too optimistic though, as abandoned power plants project are not particularly new in the power sector. You would recall that the N4.4 billion Katsina Wind power plant project was awarded to a French company in 2010 and was scheduled for completion in 2012. However, the project has been stalled due to several reasons is still lost in development limbo. Even the Zungeru power plant in Niger state was first conceived in 1982, but was abandoned before construction started again in 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2019.

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We are particularly excited about the Afam thermal power plant which is expected to be completed by December 2017. This power plant alongside the Kanshimbilla power plant will offer a glimpse of what to expect from power generation in Nigeria for the coming years.


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